Las Vegas Night Shift Escorts: It’s Not Like Driving A Car

In the desert of southern Nevada, the night shift escorts are known as night shift cars.

In Vegas, the job is the same, but the driving is different.

There’s no traffic and the cars are painted with the name of their destination on the side of the roof.

“There’s nothing like driving a car,” said one night shift escort, who prefers to remain anonymous.

“You have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice, even if you’re just walking around.

The only thing that’s really changed is that the cars have a light that gives them a bit more stability.”

But in the back of the night, drivers are required to wear masks, and there’s a risk of being mugged.

Some drivers say the only safety measure is that they take off their masks and face the night.

They have to wait for the police to arrive.

The night shift is one of the busiest and most popular night-shift escorts in the country.

“The majority of night shift drivers are female,” said the driver, who asked to remain unnamed.

“They work really hard.

They earn their living doing this.

It’s really exciting.”

The drivers also receive free meals, and the drivers get free parking, according to the driver.

Night shift drivers work a variety of shifts and are often hired by groups of men and women who share the same jobs.

The drivers have to drive for six to eight hours a day, usually for two to four hours at a time, the driver said.

Most drivers are hired by drivers’ union, the Nevada Night Car Association, which has about 500 members.

Night shifts have been a part of Nevada’s workforce for more than 60 years, but a recent state audit found that night shift driving was being underpaid.

The audit also found that drivers were being paid more than minimum wage for driving shifts.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that drivers at night were making a minimum of $7.65 an hour, compared to $7 per hour for the same shift as a day shift driver.

“It’s definitely a pay cut,” said driver, whose job pays $14 an hour.

“I’ve got a job that’s been in the same family for 30 years.

If I’m going to make less, then I can’t afford to lose my job.”

One night shift driver said she had to make more money than she would have if she was driving a single-car service, and that drivers are sometimes given tips to make up for the lost wages.

“This is the worst part of it.

We get tips, but we don’t know who pays for them,” the driver added.

“People don’t understand that these are people that really have to make the most of their time.

It was really frustrating.”