3 companies get $3.5 million in funding to expand business of local escorts

3 companies are looking to expand their business of hiring escorts in the Dayton area.

The companies include Local Escorts, the largest in Dayton and the only one in the region to get government funding for the program.

The other companies in the program, including the company with the state-of-the-art facility, are in need of funding for equipment and staffing.

The Dayton Escorts is the largest of a group of companies that are looking for funding to hire escorts.

This picture shows the state of the facility, which is now open to the public.

Local Escort is a subsidiary of a company called H&M.

The money will be used to expand the facility to allow more escorts to work from home.

Local escorts is not an insurance company and does not provide medical care, but they can work from their homes, and are trained to work at a pace of 20-30 minutes per hour, said John McGehee, president of Local Escours.

The company said that they will need about $30,000 to fully renovate the facility.

It also needs to expand staff.

They also want to increase the number of escorts they hire, so they will be hiring more people in the coming months.

McGehees said the goal is to get the facility fully staffed by October.

This is a view of the first floor of the new facility.

Local escort is looking to hire more escort employees.

This photo shows a desk, chairs, and other equipment in the office.

The new facility is part of the $30 million Dayton Regional Transportation Authority (DTRTA) will spend to upgrade the facility in Dayton.

The program will help local businesses provide services such as taxi rides, laundry, and more.

The DTRTA said it has about 300 escorts who will work from the new office in the next year or so.

They will work in the company’s current location in the city.

McGehee said the company will be looking for a partner to help expand the company.

Localescorts will be able to hire from outside of Dayton and help with staffing and equipment.