A lot to talk about at the Cannes Film Festival

Cannes is not the kind of festival where you can watch a movie in two days and forget it was made.

A lot of the film is there and the festival is a place to get to know a film, especially when it is one you really, really like.

That’s what makes this weekend’s festival so fascinating for me, says director Alex Proyas.

He’s been directing the film on the side since it was a small indie, and it’s been a long road for the film, which he’s had to adapt into a major studio film.

For his latest effort, he’s turned to a French-made short called A Lot to Talk About.

The film, in French, is a love story about two friends who share a home and a family.

But the film’s star, actress Sophie Desautels, is not a French person, and her character is not an American one, so when she falls in love with a young French man, she doesn’t even know it.

(The French-speaking version has a much darker ending.)

The film tells a touching story of two women who fall in love, but in reality they are a lot more.

In the film Desautel plays a woman who is also in love and falls in the middle of a complicated love story, and in the end she falls for her boyfriend.

The characters are complicated, and there’s a lot to love about them.

The movie is set in France and the cast is French.

Proyans says he wanted to do a film about France that was also a film of America, as there is a certain French sensibility in this country.

For Desautes, the film made her feel more French than American.

In a statement she said:I want to show the Frenchness of America and France.

This is not American, but it’s not American and it doesn’t belong to me, either.

She is a strong, independent, intelligent woman.

The way the story is told in this film makes her feel like she is a little bit more French.

But I think that was something I was not expecting.

It’s a big year for Desautess.

She has been in several film festivals in Europe and in America, including Cannes, and she has won many awards.

The Cannes film festival is very different from the big American festivals like Sundance, which are about the awards.

It is a festival of a certain kind, where people from all over the world come together to talk.

For Desautesses, that was the key.