What to know about the Ligurian police inquiry

This article contains details of an investigation by the Italian Police that was initiated by the Ministry of Justice in 2015.

The investigation was carried out after a woman claimed that she was raped by three men during a night out at a restaurant.

In July 2017, the case was presented to the High Court.

Read more about the investigation: http://www.footballitalia.it/portuguese-police-investigation-liguria-escorts-long-island-escort/article315422.html#ixzz1gCx6R1uVThe woman had been drinking with her boyfriend and a friend when the alleged sexual assault took place.

She reported the incident to police who took the woman to the LIGUORIA police station, where she made a complaint to the Regional Police in the town of Fort Liguria.

The police investigation concluded that she had been raped by two men.

However, it was not clear from the police report whether the three men involved had been arrested.

The woman has now lodged a lawsuit against the LìGURIAN Police, accusing them of failing to act in the woman’s best interests.

In December 2017, she received a summons to appear before the LíõùN Prosecutor in the LAGUORIAN State Prosecutor’s Office.

The prosecutor’s office has requested the LMG’s office to respond to the complaint within three weeks.