Couple in New Orleans escorts trial wins court fight to keep their house

NEW ORLEANS — A couple in New England is hoping to keep a house they rented out to a live escort from going to court.

The couple sued their landlord for allegedly failing to pay rent, after he reportedly paid them $2,000 per month.

The couple also claimed they didn’t have to live at the house, since the escort, known as Ashley, lived in a different building.

But a judge in New York City ruled last week that they must pay rent for the last three months of their lease and keep their home, despite the landlord having failed to pay any rent.

In a news release, attorney Peter Soderstrom said that the couple has filed an eviction notice and plans to appeal the decision.

“We are pleased to be able to pursue our case with the help of New Orleans District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro, who has worked tirelessly to bring justice to these defendants,” he said.

Soderstrom told ABC News that the family of the couple is trying to keep the home.

“We have been living at the home since the end of August and it has been our only option,” he told ABC affiliate WLS.

Court papers filed last week also stated that the escorts’ landlord also failed to rent them a home to live in after the couple moved in.

“They were told that they would be able, at the end, to rent a home for $600 per month, but it is not clear how that is going to work,” the court documents read.

The couple is also seeking $5,000 in attorneys’ fees.

The case is one of several in New Hampshire, where more than 100 women and girls have sued their landlords, who claim they were unable to provide proper care for them.