When it comes to the most dangerous escort jobs, one man knows all

A man who has worked at hotels, massage parlors, strip clubs and strip clubs across the country for more than a decade has one of the toughest jobs around: The escort redline.

For years, Ryan “Tiffany” Myers has worked the red line at strip clubs in Los Angeles and Orlando, Fla., earning about $70,000 a year.

In the last year, she has been hired at a handful of other locations, including at New York’s Waldorf Astoria, according to interviews with her colleagues and her own experience.

“I don’t want to be known as an escort,” she said.

“But I can be known by people that are willing to pay for sex.

They don’t know me, they don’t like me, and they just want to have sex with me.”

But while the work pays well, Myers said she has had to adjust to a new lifestyle in her home state, where she lives with her husband and two children in an upscale enclave in Orlando.

“I’ve been told by people I’ve worked with over the years that I’m not safe here,” Myers said.

“This is my life.

My kids are my life,” Myers added.”

The reality is, this is the safest place for me,” Myers explained.

“People who are looking for escorts know that this is a safe place to work.”

I have a lot of work to do, but I’m very happy to be here.

Tiffany Myers, escort red line in Orlando source Time source ABC News title ‘I’ve got to get over this’: Woman says she was raped by a ‘high-end escort’ source ABC news A woman who says she worked for a top escort agency in Florida told ABC News that she was assaulted by a high-end client in the course of her escort work.

Tiffanie Cerny, 34, says she spent four years as a massage parlor manager at the Palm Beach County Resort & Spa in Florida, but in July 2016 she began to notice that she had been the victim of a “pattern of harassment.”

She said she told her boss about the incidents, and was told to leave the business.

Cerny said she and her manager were told to go into the lobby of the resort to talk about the harassment and to not tell anyone.

She said she asked the manager to call the Palm Beachers police department, but was told they could not.

Cherny said that in the next few days, she received phone calls from several high-ranking executives from the agency.

Cernys manager was the only one to contact police.

The Palm Beach Gardens police department said in a statement that Cernyz’s allegations were “unfounded and unsubstantiated.”

“Ms. Cervy has been a victim of sexual misconduct and we have no further comment,” the statement said.

Cervy said one of her managers, who was the subject of a sexual assault allegation against another client in December 2016, was allowed to work with the agency, but she was never paid by them.

“It was like, ‘We’re not going to hire you,'” Cernyan said.

At the time, Cern yc worked as a masseuse, but later switched to a personal trainer, according the Palm Bay Times.

Her manager did not return ABC News’ requests for comment.

According to a former employee, Cervys personal trainer told her that the agency would pay her more than $70 a day, and that the company would give her $15,000 per week for training.

Cenys personal trainers salary was $150 per week.

She says that in December 2017, a friend and her personal trainer had a dinner party and she was not allowed to attend.

Carnys friend said she went to the party, and then Cerns friend drove her to her apartment, where Cern went in and stayed there.

The friend said Cern was the victim again, and she told Cern that she would have to be the one to bring the case to the police department.

“If I wasn’t going to go, then I was going to be forced to,” she told ABC.

“They didn’t believe me,” Cern said.

She said her friend later told her about a similar experience, but Cern had not reported the incident.

Carnys personal coach told her in the statement that she could be fired for reporting an incident, but that she should not.

She was told that if she reported the case, she would be terminated.

“When I first got there, I was told I had to go through a process to get the job back,” Carny said.

But she said she knew that the experience would change her life, and it did.CERNY SAYS SHE HAS NEVER BEEN AWARE OF ANY OF THE INCIDENTS THAT HAVE BEEN CONVICTED