Escorts: My First Trip to Las Vegas

Escorts are everywhere.

Every time you step out of your car and walk to a room, the door opens.

And every time you leave the house, a hostess greets you with a kiss and a hand-holding offer.

It’s a social interaction that feels like a normal part of everyday life for a lot of people, and a lot more people love it than you might think.

“We all want to have a normal relationship, a normal job, a quiet day at work,” says Jessica Stegeman, a New York City-based escort.

“But sometimes that’s hard to do.

Escorts want that, too.”

But as the popularity of escorts has grown, so has the demand for escort services in the U.S. So why aren’t more of them here?

It’s not that there aren’t any.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, nearly two-thirds of the U