How to get a Lyft driver in Asheville

On Monday, a video of a Lyft ride was posted to Facebook, which then spread through social media and prompted an onslaught of complaints from Asheville’s Lyft driver community.

The driver in question is apparently not a Lyft employee, according to a report from The Charlotte Observer.

The video shows a Lyft passenger who is riding a pickup truck with two other people and a Lyft vehicle parked outside.

One of the passengers complains to the driver that they’re getting harassed by an Uber driver.

The Uber driver appears to agree, asking the passenger to “stop harassing the driver,” the report said.

The passenger then pulls out his phone and snaps a picture of the Uber driver and his Lyft vehicle.

The photo, the driver responds, is a screenshot of the passenger’s phone that the Lyft driver had taken before he parked his pickup truck outside.

The screenshot includes the name of the Lyft service provider, but not the driver’s real name, according the report.

The report said the passenger was a Lyft user and was not a driver.

Lyft responded to the incident on Tuesday, calling the driver a “sloppy driver.”

The company told Ars that the photo the passenger took of the driver and the Lyft vehicle was taken before the driver was hired.

It also said the photo was taken without the Lyft app on the vehicle, which is a violation of Lyft’s terms of service.

Lyft says it has reviewed the video and that it has fired the driver.

“We are working with the driver to get him back onto the Lyft platform and apologize for the incident,” the company said in a statement.

“This type of behavior is unacceptable and not allowed on our platform.

We will work with Lyft to provide any additional information that may help resolve this situation.”

The incident occurred on Sunday.

The Charlotte Sentinel has not yet published the driver name or any other identifying information.

The Lyft driver, who was not identified by name, was hired in February and has been working for the company for about a year, according an email sent to Ars by Lyft.

The company has a contract with a local police department to provide the driver with driver services.

Lyft also says it hired a Lyft security officer to help monitor the ride-hailing app and the drivers’ vehicles, and that Lyft has begun working with law enforcement agencies to track down Uber drivers who may have stolen drivers’ cars.

“Lyft takes allegations of driver misconduct very seriously and will pursue the perpetrators of these types of incidents with the highest level of rigor,” the Lyft statement said.

“The safety of our riders and drivers is our top priority, and we will work to protect them from these types or any similar types of behavior.”