How to get free hotel room for free from the devil

I had a very important meeting with my hotel manager yesterday.

He wanted to know if I was going to stay in a hotel or motel. 

“We can’t let this get out of hand,” he said, as if that’s a guarantee of staying.

I don’t know if the meeting was a lie or a sign of my honesty, but he was telling me the truth.

The last time I went to a hotel was in 2009, and I was still in my 20s.

Now, it’s 2017.

I’ve been to more than 50 different hotels, motels, and other places over the last few years.

The biggest thing is that it doesn’t matter where you stay, what you eat, or how much money you have, you can’t really get free accommodation.

That’s because the government of Canada and the provinces have a monopoly on what can be booked.

It’s like a government monopoly on the supply of condoms. 

So, I don’s not know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing to take advantage of that monopoly.

But I do know that it’s not a good sign to ask someone to take up space and money that could be better used elsewhere.

If I was a hotelier, it would be a good idea to start by telling me exactly how much space and how much room I’m getting.

Then, if you can afford it, you could just pay up. 

I went to the hotel manager last night, hoping to talk about the situation.

I was offered the opportunity to get the room for the lowest possible rate.

I took the offer.

I paid for the room.

And that was it.

Nothing more.

The hotel manager didn’t ask me how much I was paying.

I wasn’t even told how much it would cost.

I had to pay for the entire room.

The room was $3,200.

If you’re thinking about it, that’s about $3 a night.

So, for the same room, the person paying $3 for the $3 room could have gotten a room for $6,400.

That could have been my life.

And, if I wasn, I would be very unhappy. 

It’s not my fault that I have a poor social conscience.

I’m an American, after all.

It is my fault, and not the hotel’s, that it charges so much for a room.

I could have said, “No, I’m sorry.

I won’t be staying in a motel for the next few months.” 

So I guess I’m happy.

It could have happened to me.

I might have just stayed at home and had to work.

But if you’re willing to pay $3 and pay for a hotel room that you don’t need, it could be a better deal. 

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