Phoenix escorts’ escorts radar has been hacked

Phoenix escort radar has recently been hacked, and the hackers claimed to have “captured” the radar data.

The stolen data includes the location of the escorts in the Phoenix area, and even their personal information.

“You can get to a person’s phone or email address,” one user wrote in the post.

“They can see the locations of people, places, and people’s personal data,” said another.

“It’s a surveillance device, it’s an escorts GPS, it is the most valuable piece of data ever in the entire history of the world,” one hacker told CNN.

The escorts can now be traced to a “home address” in the Arizona desert, the hacker claimed.

The hacker also claimed to be able to access Phoenix escorting websites, which were already compromised.

“We know where they are.

The only thing that we can’t get is the owner’s home address.

That is very important to know, that the owner is there.

If they go to another address, that is very valuable,” he said.

Phoenix police are investigating the hack.

“The Phoenix Police Department has no knowledge of the intrusion and cannot comment on it.

We are working with law enforcement agencies in the area to investigate this,” a police statement said.

The Phoenix Police department declined to comment on the hack, citing a pending investigation.

Phoenix is one of the busiest places in the US to work in, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A survey of 2,000 Phoenix-area employees found that the city has a median annual income of $91,700, the highest in the nation.

But the city’s job market remains sluggish, according for one reason: there are only about 12,000 jobs in the city, according the Bureau’s latest report.

The city’s unemployment rate stands at 10.4%, according to US Census data.